About Us

Modern Metal Fabricators is located in the small town of Hannacroix in upstate New York. Founded in 1986, we have grown in size from a 1,500 square foot workshop to an 8,000 square foot facility.

We manufacture display and store fixtures for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, including The Gap, Armani, Versacci, Saks Fifth Avenue and many more. Doing custom work for some of New York's top designers has kept us constantly supplied with fresh, innovative ideas and know-how. Our custom metal-work is also featured in many of the finest hotels and restaurants throughout the country.

In addition to our commercial work, we specialize in creating custom built residential and office furniture. No matter who the client may be, our work is always of the highest quality. We will produce a finished product that we are confident will leave you delighted. Our manufacturing capabilities are limitless, and we welcome your custom decorating challenge! We demand perfection, and boast a long list of satisfied clients.

We deal with only the finest suppliers, and keep a large variety of stock materials on hand at all times. From forming and welding, to the final polishing, we can create virtually any metal product you desire. Shipping, delivery, and on-site installation can also be included as part of our service.

Building a reputation on quality remains our greatest strength. Design it, and let us create it…you won't be disappointed with the superior product that we will craft for you or your company.

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